Document Repository

XDS.b antiquates paper charts

Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) is a health industry standard web services profile created by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) to facilitate the sharing of Clinical Documents between health care organizations (enterprises).  XDS.b re-uses the OASIS web service standard ebXML Document Registry technology to provide a method for indexing and storing document and search-able meta-data (doc types, sizes, creation dates, service dates, etc) at a central location.   The meta-data also includes a pointer to the document’s actual location.  This method allows your Document Repository (and the Documents themselves) to stay behind your organization’s firewall until an authorized request for a document is made.  XDS.b is part of the “Last Mile” of Connectivity any HIE.

MEDIBRIDGE.NET XDS .b is in compliance with NIST standards and IHE profiles for interoperability, and when coupled with our NwHIN GATEWAY , allows universal document sharing with federal agencies and other NHIN participants.  XDS.b is commonly used to hold C32 documents generated by DOC SERVICE from your EHR and Health IT systems.  It is also used to store user defined Privacy Consent forms in XACML format, Hl7 CDA encoded documents such as PDF, and CDA wrapped images such as JPEG, TIFF, or PNG).

MEDIBRIDGE.NET XDS .b is designed to be deployed into any information system an is integrated with any EHR.  EHR Doctors provides standard tools to publish ( in XDS.b parlance “Provide and Register”) Clinical Documents from any EHR.  Publishing can be on the fly, automatically batch processed based on a trigger (i.e. new visit/admission, new enounter), or as a result of a human action (Physician, Nurse, ROI Clerk, Billing).   Direct Messaging Users can publish Documents to XDS.b as a result of XD*, which serves as a Gateway between the two platforms.