Master Patient Index

Index Patients to find their records on any system

Master Patient Index cross-references data from all connected systems and automates record matching across disparate systems, simplifying the process of sharing data between departments and facilities within an organization. The master index uniquely identifies each patient record throughout an organization to ensure that the most current and accurate data is available.  Our Master Patient Index is highly flexible and customizable to meet the diverse needs of  Healthcare organizations.

Master Patient Index provides organizations with multiple EHR systems to have a single master patient index for all patients.  This allows the organization to have a central location to respond to queries discovering where patient records exist.  Master Patient indexes are typically employed within Hospital networks with multiple locations, within Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOS) or within a Health Information Exchange.


  • Generates Enterprise ID for Patients and retains source Patient IDs from merged records
  • Supports the IHE PIX/PDQ profile, which makes patient discovery between organizations or communities of organizations
  • Scalable to unlimited EUIDs
  • Utilizes proven Open Source technology deployed in Healthcare (Sun SeeBeyond MDM and JavaCAPS)
  • Supports Merge, Unmerging of records
  • Advanced Extract, Transform, and Load Technology